Beyond the Jar

As stated in our Vision, our jobs go far beyond Adobe files. We are powered through our purpose: To change lives through creativity.

This is reflected in our creatives, who embody our core values and live through them at work and in their day-to-day lives.

Go ahead and take a look at what their lives are like Beyond the Jar.

Boney P. - Mexico

Industrial Designer from Mexico, Boney describes himself as a social introvert gaymer, he loves to travel and explore the world as well as learn new things and teach them to his loved ones.

I’m in charge of my own team with 9 designers from all over the globe who are amazing and really talented. Together we lead our potential to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

"I think Design Pickle is a nice place for the people who chose a creative career as their life path, during the time I've been in the Jar it really has felt like following my dream career was the right choice after all."

– Valentina G. – Quality Specialist

Beni S. - Philippines

Recruitment Coordinator

Beni from the Philippines believes creativity is not only about art, but also about having the ability to see things differently and make them better.

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Julia A. - Philippines

Team Coordinator

Julia from the Philippines is a Team Coordinator who successfully juggles the challenges in the Jar and takes care of 7 lovely dogs!

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“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”

– Howard Schultz

Valentina G. - Colombia

Quality Specialist

Valentina, is a creative in love with life. Directly from Bogotá, she is learning to maintain a work and life balance.

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Timmy Y. - Philippines

Product Marketer

Timmy from the Philippines is a tenacious mother and creative who’s been in the Jar for around 6 years!

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Rebeca L. - Mexico

Graphic Design Specialist

Rebeca describes herself as a helpful, passionate, and enthusiastic person who is constantly seeking personal and professional growth.

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