Escape the Creative Block

Escape the Creative Block

Caught in a creative rut? Here are fail-proof ways to escape the creative block.

Inspiration is easily found and accessible everywhere and in almost anything, but creative blocks can also come out of nowhere and anytime. Below are 6 helping hands you can reach out to and grab to pull you out of that creative rut.

Call a Friend

Get up from your desk. 

Most of the time, creative blocks happen when you’re zoned in on your work for long periods of time that you’ve suddenly run out of creative juices. Invite a friend for an online  brunch or a cup of coffee, via video conferencing app, just to catch up for old times’ sake. You’ll never know what situations they’ll bring up that they’ve gone through that will spark your creative fuel again. 

Be encouraged by encouragers

We’ve all got role models that we look up to. It’s time you take full advantage of that and use them as your source of inspiration. It’ll do you good to have someone you aspire to be because that allows you to dig deeper into their history of works and what brought them to where they currently are, giving you a clearer direction of which path to take on as well.  

Shop till you drop the creative block

Working on a handful of projects can so often constrain your creativity, and that’s when you take a break from work and focus on yourself this time. Go to your favorite online store and buy that product you’ve been eyeing on for a while. As you’re buying to your heart’s content, don’t forget to observe along the way. See a product with a great package design? Or found a promo that was convincing enough to make you buy their products? Try to decipher different designs, copy lines, packages and see which worked best for you. Then when you return you get back to work recharged and ready to tackle your project once again.

Time to burn some calories

For most people, burning calories by running or doing cardio workouts is for health benefits, but it can definitely be for creative benefits as well. You can choose to run with or with music, and the rate of speed shouldn’t be much of a concern. Just take your time. It is also discovered that kinesthetic learning helps as you’re not only moving your body, but you’re training your mind to move with you as well. So let’s get physical and burn that creative block down!

Immerse yourself in the unknown

When desperate times come to surface, it’s a good idea to broaden your horizons. Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone can actually be an advantage for you and your project. Start on a new skill even if it has nothing to do with what you’re working on. You never know where your creative ideas will originate from.  

Change your setting

It helps to break your routine from time to time as we tend to get bored easily. If you’ve been staying in the same spot for work, then perhaps it’s time to change your favorite usual spot. A new surrounding will be enough to jolt your brain for producing ideas and you can sketch them out in your new setting.

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