Landing Your First Creative Job

1. Make the first move. No, making the first move isn’t just common among relationships, but with job applications as well. Your resume and portfolio won’t go anywhere if you hold it still. Try searching available jobs out there that suits you best. These could be done online. Here are a couple of websites that might be helpful:

2. Get into a creative community. Getting into a creative community will help you establish connections that can help offer doors of opportunity. Socialize with people who are in the same line of career with you. You can join your local art organizations, online-based art organizations and such.

3. Online presence. Speaking of the creative community, having an active online presence can also help you establish connections and referrals. We live in 2022 – where job offers are accessible online. Try to be active on your basic social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Besides those memes that go viral, there’s still a lot of business going on out there. So, try establishing your artistic online presence through these platforms. You can also check out some other online presence where you can possibly get opportunities from and pull out inspiration at the same time:


Art Station


4. Be business-oriented. Besides just focusing on your creative side, becoming business savvy is also important. You should know how to properly transact with the client, create business contracts and other more technical things. If you want to set up your own design studio or art business, you might consider creating a solid business plan. Things like these matter. You can even seek professional help – say, like bookkeeping.

5. Portfolio-perfect. There are times where we just want to show-off everything, and that’s understandable. However, having a hand-picked folio will make it look more curated and professional. Make sure to put out only your best works that you’d have no second thoughts to show to any employer. In a battle full of warriors with silver armors – make sure you show off your gold ones.

6. Focus on your character. This is probably the most important thing you should consider – focusing on your character. Most people think that only a good folio will get their names out there. Well, it really is possible anyway. Although, most employers prefer to work with people who are not only talented, but also easy to work with. Being humble, having a curious and teachable mindset, staying persistent and respectful – these are just a handful of characters that can already differentiate you among the others. Sometimes it’s not even a competition of who holds a better folio. Sometimes it’s more of figuring out who’s better to work with, because portfolio-wise, there’s no denial that designers are getting better than ever. So, hold onto your personal principles and never let them go. 

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