Tips When Creating Your Portfolio

Tips When Creating Your Portfolio

There’s nothing more important than your portfolio. A good portfolio can attract prospective clients or hiring officers. That’s why we would like to share some tips that help you craft your portfolio!

1. Elevator pitch portfolio

Your portfolio is the one that lets the world know what you are capable of, and the works you’ve delivered. It usually takes 30-60 seconds to capture the client or hiring officer’s attention to continuously browse through your works and decide if they want you to move forward with your application or proposal.

2. Include Examples of your best work

Use a critical eye when deciding what to incorporate on your portfolio or demo-reel. Here, quality over quantity is key, there’s no need to include everything you created. 

3. Personalize it

If your portfolio is created using a website, it’s a good idea to have your own domain to add to your branding. It also shows your personality and own style as a designer.

4. Social media links

Make it easy for your clients or hiring managers to locate you. They can google you anyway. By indicating your social media accounts will give them a glimpse of your personality before hiring you. It also shows that you have nothing to hide.

5.  Make it easy to navigate

Present it in a creative way like laid out in a pdf format or a website, this also gives the client or hiring officer a glimpse of your creativity and layout skills. Some sites you can use are: 

6. Update and stay up to date

Don’t forget to update your works and stay updated on the design trends. Look for design galleries that are showcasing creative graphic designs created by creatives like you.

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